Portable Solar Panels

When purchasing portable solar panels, it’s important to make sure that what your portable solar panels are rated for is what you’re actually getting from them. A lot of inferior portable solar panels in the marketplace may say they are rated to 120W, but in reality they perform at a level much lower than this. This can be caused by a number of factors including inferior cell quality, poor craftsmanship, or inferior wiring of the portable solar panels. You can purchase our portable solar panels with confidence as we use only the highest quality components and reputable solar cells in the construction of our portable solar panels.

Portable solar panels are only as good as the components used in their construction. They should have a good quality regulator that is both water proof and dust proof. Portable solar panels are usually used in rough conditions, so good quality, rust-proof hinges and latches are a must have on them. Having a protective bag, or cover for your portable solar panels is a good idea to protect against accidental damage. It is also important for the solar cells used in portable solar panels to be of a good quality. In this application, mono-crystalline cells are the best option given that portable solar panels are more likely to be used in direct sunlight.

Portable solar panels are easily moved and can be extended remotely via solar cables. As such, they can be placed in the sun while you and your vehicle can remain in the shade. Depending on the length of cable on your portable solar panels, you will need to ensure that the cable size is sufficient in order to avoid voltage loss. Most portable solar panels will include a cable of less than 10m in length. A 6mm sized cable is sufficient for this application, but make sure that good quality, well insulated cable is used in the construction of your portable solar panels. Portable solar panels can be moved during the day in order to “chase the sun” and get the most energy possible from a day’s worth of sun. They can be susceptible to theft, but a locked chain through the legs and around a pole, or a stake driven into the ground, should be deterrence enough for any would be criminals.

Portable solar panels offer a compact unit that is usually plug and play, reducing the time of setup and take down. The regulator is typically mounted on the back of the panels with the extended cable run from here and connected to the battery you wish to charge. Portable solar panels are a great option that many people, who go camping regularly, are including in their kits. Make sure that your portable solar panels are sized appropriately for what you will be running off them and that they are of a good quality. This ensures they will last the distance and will give you many years of faithful service.