If you have been looking at the Giant Power Lithium Ion Range and wondering what sets the batteries apart from other Giant power batteries, one of the core points in the Giant power Daly Smart BMS. THE BMS plays a range of roles inside a battery. One of the key roles is safety. The BMS can regulate the amount of energy going to each cell to ensure the cells remain balances and can cut energy off in the event of things like a short circuit.  The BMS is there for safety and regulation of the batteries cells to help you get the most out of your battery and even extend the batteries total lifespan. 

But the Giant Power Daly Smart BMS serves some extra functions over and above typical BMS functions that lets you get even more out of your battery. The Giant Power Daly Smart BMS allows you to connect directly to your battery via Bluetooth on you mobile of tablet device and use the Daly Smart BMS App. Using the app you can see the current charge state of your battery. You can also see the amount of energy coming in or going out of your battery. 

Imagine being at your camp site and having the exact information right at your fingertips. How much power remains in your battery and how much longer you can keep running your fridge and lights for. The BMS will even allow you to connect to individual batteries in a bank so that you can troubleshoot if there are batteries in your bank that need replacing.  

Giant Power Daly Smart BMS

So that’s what a BMS is for and that is why the Giant Power Daly Smart BMS helps set the Giant Power Lithium Ion Range of batteries apart from other Lithium Ion Batteries.  

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