Giant Power 260AH Lithium Ion
The Giant Power 260AH Lithium Ion Battery is a technological breakthrough being much lighter than lead acid batteries. The battery and be charged for 5000 cycles to 100% Depth of Discharge. The Giant Power 260AH Lithium Ion Battery is protected by a Daly 100 Amp battery management system that monitors the batteries cells to ensure the battery delivers the best performance and life. The BMS includes great features such as Bluetooth that allows you to connect to your battery using a range of devices and applications.
  • Giant Power have partnered with Daly BMS manufacturer to develop a market leading product.
  • BMS App Gives full info and control over your battery.
  • BMS App allows you to check on battery to see its current state of charge and amount of electricity coming in or out of the battery.
  • BMS will connect to each individual battery in a bank.
The battery is manufactured in Australia with prismatic cells that use compression technology. Unlike Gel or Lead Acid Batteries Lithium Ion Batteries are safer, lighter and more powerful with a long service life. The Giant Power 260AH Lithium Ion Battery comes in an ultra tough case designed to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions.
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