Did you know that thousands of Australian customers buy Giant Power batteries every month and Giant Power have over 30 5 Star reviews on ProductReview.com.au.

Here are a sample of some of Giant Power’s 5 star reviews.

  • My AGM battery arrived super fast and was just in time for my annual Murray Cod opening trip with the boys. I ran my Engel Fridge in the boat for ice cold beer with a solar panel to keep it topped up. It worked perfectly and had plenty of power to run the sounder & Min kota electric motor as well .
  • Have had the battery for 6 months now. Turn up in the time specified by delivery. Runs my 40 l fridge in the ute great with no worries. Would buy the product again.

  • My first battery dropped a cell and the warranty service was excellent not problem being sent a replacement very happy and would use give a recommendation To anyone to use your batteries.

  • Delivery of battery was exceptionally fast and the battery has worked great under load. Will be buying any future batteries from the Aussie Batteries Company. Will recommend this company to others.

They are just a sample of the 5 star reviews that Giant Power AGM batteries have received from every day Australians who have purchased our batteries online and use them for applications as wide as solar battery banks to outdoor camping setups.

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