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Committed to being the brand-of choice for 12v Systems

We’ve put special attention on our small, reliable 12-volt power solutions. Our batteries, solar panels, powered fridges and accessories are all designed to work day-after-day with minimal maintenance. And if you ever need support, we’re here to help.

  • High Cycle & Service Life
  • Engineered & Tested To Last
  • Precision In Design
  • Australia Wide Support

Check out this video by Aussie Batteries on our deep cycle battery

A Commitment to Excellence


Every product has been subjected to a series of stress tests by our team of engineers and designers.

Total Integration

We've designed our products to integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.

12v Specialists

We've made it our business to supply hobbyists and outdoor enthusiasts with trustworthy power solutions.


A product is only as strong as it's weakest link. We chose quality suppliers to uphold the higher standard.

Our Guarantee

Products that are built to withstand the challenges of the Australian environment and lifestyle.

Product Warranty

We stand by our industry leading warranties, with the highest quality products. We have stood the test of time, in the Australian market.

Featured Product

When you’re on the road, camping with the family, or out on the water, you really can’t afford to have doubts about your battery. The 140AH 12V deep cycle battery, is a rigorously tested and manufactured battery guaranteed to serve you faithfully in the most rugged situations.


Warranty and Support

We offer the industry’s leading battery warranty, with the lifetime support that people have come to expect from a quality manufacturer.

140AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Flagship Products

These are some of the products we’re best known for.



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